16 July 2005


well, first post. not sure how this blog thing works. think i'll treat it like a sort of diary. not that i do much to write about. unless you count racing around in the woods. can't even chase deer any more since herself bought me a muzzle. well, i can chase them but i can't catch them so there's not really any point. not my fault i used to belong to a poacher. you can't teach an old dog new tricks, so they say. anyway, on the way back from last nights romp in the woods, herself suddenly shouts "stop the car!" i thought she'd seen a deer and relented. but no. what she'd seen was a field. i ask you, what is the point of leaping out of the car and taking pictures of a field? she gets madder as time goes by. well here's one of the pictures. it wasn't this dark in real life. she plugs the camera into her computer and messes about with all her photos. so not only did i nearly get whiplash for this picture, but it doesn't even look like the field any more.


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