16 July 2005

frying tonight

last night my peeps had a barbecue. here is a picture of my boy frying veggie burgers. himself likes a bit of lamb but herself will only eat fish as she likes furry creatures too much. i'm not averse to the odd furry creature myself but after a rather unfortunate incident involving a deer i am now made to wear a muzzle when i'm out. so my diet is rather dull and comes out of a sack. i have to say, when they first came home with the new cobb cooker i was not impressed. everyone knows the whole point of barbecues is to burn food to a frazzle which results in quite a lot of food finding its way dogwards. so the idea of a cooker which doesn't actually burn the food didn't really rock my boat. but in fact its not too bad at all. you have to put water in a sort of moat round the coals and all the juices from the food drip down into there which makes for a rather nice sauce for my grub once its cooled down. last night it was jus with hints of veggie burger, lamb and mackerel. mmmm!


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