21 October 2005

talking of embarrassing garments...

regular listeners may recall me mentioning that i have to wear a little coat when we go camping. well, for some reason i let herself dress me up in this rather snazzy waistcoat last night. seemed like a good idea at the time.

it all started because she was going riding this morning. first time in ages what with her snapped achilles tendon. so the whole house (and boy i mean the whole house) was turned totally upside down while she searched for the funny riding trousers, chaps (as though she didn't have enough chaps already) and hat. among the stuff she finds a little leopard suit that my boy used to wear when he was a pup. and this waistcoat which he wore as a slightly older pup.

so in true ADHD style she gets distracted and starts dressing up anything that didn't run fast enough. bertha the bear didn't seem to mind and i have to say it was a bit of a laugh at the time. but to find she put the pictures on the internet...


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