28 August 2005

i knew it...

a former tent
Originally uploaded by Joker the Lurcher.
those of you who saw my last post will know that i had my doubts about the camping trip. well here is the proof that a lurcher can see into the future - and its not always orange.

my peeps and i woke up on a very wet and windy morning and herself spent a happy hour or two pegging things down and swearing colourfully before rousing himself to help. by the time they had eaten their breakfast the rain was horizontal so they went off for a day out to avoid sitting in the tent all day.

when we returned at about 4pm it was quite clear from the top of the hill that something was amiss with the tent but it was not until we got to the bottom that we saw the full extent of the devastation. it was as if it had suffered a mid-life crisis and decided to turn itself inside out. the gazebo and windbreak were beyond repair and the tent had holes where no holes should be.

so a premature end to our holidays. everything including yours truly was bundled unceremoniously into the car or thrown away and off we went homewards...


Blogger Lou McGill said...

wish I'd been there to photograph that for flickr

9:26 pm  

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