01 August 2005

back from afar

back from our hols all rested and full of beans. went to norfolk, which is a long way away from where we live but worth it for the beaches. miles of sand where a chap could run in circles until properly dizzy. weather was a bit nippy though, and the rain was what you could only call biblical. had to wear the dreaded mac.

we camped near a place called cromer and spent many a happy hour watching raindrops running down the porch of the tent or for a change of scene running down the outside of the car windows. herself needless to say stopping the car at all sorts of odd places to take pictures of piles of bricks which must at one time have been buildings. went all the way to a place called california but it didn't look like on the telly... she was also taking photos of things like the blackwall tunnell and a rather grand bridge. himself rather unnerved by this as in these frightening times he felt she (or more likely he given his biblical beard) would be mistaken for a terrorist and arrested.

my boy invented a rather good game to play in the car called sat nav. basically he gives directions and warnings of approching hazards. for example "approaching religious building, please drive respectfully, people may be praying" all delivered in a monotone to sound like a computer. great fun for the first 500 miles... my boy was very happy in spite of the rain as he played with the kids at the campsite without getting in any fights and having to be carried off (a footballing term i believe). certainly wouldn't have been possible last year when he had to have a guard of honour pretty much sitting on his shoulder when other young pups were around.

one very good thing was the fish and chips. the people in norfolk seem to be called the norfolk broads as far as i can tell. not at all surprising given the amount of fish and chip shops and the huge helpings which resulted in yours truly getting to sample some. one could almost envy cats on the fish front...


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