22 July 2005

off on our hols...

its seems we are off camping tomorrow. no-one tells me anything. i only worked it out from the fact that last night herself made a huge song and dance about cleaning himself's car. he has an estate car which we need for holidays so i can fit in the back - albeit crushed by tents and odd-shaped bags containing sleeping bags, campbeds and things. anyway his car is not cleaned very often. in fact it is only cleaned when we go on holiday. herself refuses to go on long journeys with bits of dog hair (well a chap can't help moulting a bit now and then) dust and sweet wrappers blowing in her face. silly woman just doesn't have a sense of humour. since no-one else minds the aforementioned detritus, it is down to her to clean it up.

anyway, she spends an hour or so hoovering, wiping with industrial strength cleaner and pulling out vast amounts of rubbish after which she is in a foul temper. seems she thinks himself and my boy ought to a) clean the car occasionally and b) not make such a mess in the first place. my boy is in the habit of turning the car into a spaceship for the journeys to school which, as he goes to a special school for special children some way away, is obviously necessary. warp factor five is the only way to cover such distances. so the car is full of additional wires, odd bits of electronic equipment and so on to assist with navigation. how we will find our way to our destination now she has take it all out i have no idea.

then there is the whole business of packing things into the car. the tent is quite big as they refuse to rough it any more but at least it gave me the clue that camping was on the cards. i have a rather neat little coat that i wear at night when we are camping. as i am rather svelt i get a bit chilly at night in a tent. as a joke herself bought me a rather nifty hat but i don't really like it. flattens down the tufts on my head a bit. can't imagine why a dog would want a hat. wouldn't be seen dead out and about in a coat come to that but no-one sees it in the tent. unless she finds a photo of it and puts it on the web...


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