20 July 2005

plus ca change...

today's breakfast took a new turn. no bread to burn! all that was in the bread bin was the dreaded wholemeal and a packet of pitta bread. as already mentioned, my boy won't touch the healthy stuff so herself suggests pitta bread with marmalade. well, my boy is very set in his ways. something to do with having asperger syndrome, or beefburger syndrome or something. basically his head is wired up in a very interesting way which makes him a sheer genius at some things and totally unable to cope with other things.

for example, he goes on the internet and finds bits of computer code which he then copies into the program files for his computer games and makes them do weird and wonderful things. he has a great game called hard truck 2 which involves driving lorries all over america. he's pretty mad about lorries so he spends hours driving around and i get to sit in the virtual cab with him on a rather nice red mat which is in his room. you can see a picture of me on it earlier in my blog. very enjoyable way to pass the time i find. anyway he managed to find some code which allowed you to fly the lorries high up in the air. this had the unusual result of being able to see behind the hedges that line the roads. well, blow me away the hedges are two-dimonsional! cheapskates that make the games figure that no-one will be able to fly up there in the lorries so they don't bother to make a world behind the hedges. herself says this presents an existential conundrum whatever one of those is. i just think my boy has been shortchanged but he doesn't seem to mind. he has also learnt to make the lorries burst into flames which is rather less relaxing.

anyway back to breakfast. because of being set in his ways my boy will not have marmalade on pitta bread. "you have marmalade on toast" he says "and you have tzatziki on pitta bread." so there's herself making home-made tzatziki at half past seven in the morning. and she can't remember the recipe. so my boy, who among his other talents has the most amazing memory for certain things, has to tell her to pick some mint, squeeze a lemon, get some greek yoghurt, squish some garlic and grind some pepper and mush it all up. my boy was very happy with this breakfast which as he said "had a lot of love put into it" and also happy that he won't be bothered by vampires all day on account of stinking of garlic.

tonight may prove interesting as himself has had to go out and cook stuff at the school barbecue so herself has to make tea. to put it bluntly, cooking ain't one of her strengths. she is far too easily distracted. turn your back and she's gone off to put up a shelf or lay a patio or something. she's planning rissotto. she has a method of making risotto which doesn't involve stirring it all the time. she says a grain of rice can only absorb the stock at a particular speed regardless of how much stock surrounds it and that rissotto was designed to keep women tied to the stove so she just whacks it all in and puts a lid on. and so long as you catch it in time the end result is pretty much the same as the rissotto made the proper way, according to himself, who knows about these things. not that i ever get to taste it as it is a real hit with everyone, so there are never leftovers. just hope the smoke alarm gets a bit of a rest...


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