16 July 2005

cement works

well, today was a turnup for the books. started off ok with a nice walk along by the river with herself as usual taking pictures of weird things like spider's webs and stinky ditches. bit of a telling off when i made off after a rabbit but otherwise uneventful. i cooled off in the river although rather unpopular with some rather snooty swans. they think they own the place. then we got in the car but instead of going home we headed off in the other direction. then she pulled over into the cement works. they've been closed since 1974. hmm, i think, hope its not more diy projects. then out we get and spend the next half an hour walking round with her taking pictures of the oddest things. lumps of concrete, rusty bits of iron, even a hose. she's really lost it now. worst bit was i had to sit each time she took a photo. she said it was because i'd jog her arm with the lead. the concrete was baking. too hot for the old bot, i can tell you. it hasn't quite recovered since i had to have my dangly bits removed because of that prostate trouble a while back. finally she was through and we could head home. here's one of the pictures she took. it looks a bit gloomy to me. give me a nice snap of a labrador any day.


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