18 July 2005

bad carma

ho hum. some days are better than others. some days seem to have a very odd karma from the start. today was an odd karma day. started with herself waking up feeling shattered. nothing to do with her having been sitting in the sun yesterday drinking wine at some party that yours truly wasn't invited to. which meant she was too tired to do her yoga. i always enjoy yoga. great fun trying to make her laugh rather than breathe when she's doing "downward dog" and I copy her. never fails.

anyway, goes downhill from there really. no weetabix for my boy (i don't know how he keeps his angelic patience!) no bread except a rather people-eared white roll and a wholemeal crust. well of course the boy won't eat the brown bread so herself spends ages cutting up the roll so it will fit in the toaster. then my boy explains that it has to go on a little rack on the top (just as well someone in the house has a grip on how the gadgets work is all i can say!) so off they go toasting it. but due to tiredness and confusion they forget to put the fan on. shouldn't really need a fan by the toaster but some bright spark (herself i fear) had the bright idea of situating the toaster bang under the smoke alarm. anyway, you can guess what happened.

so they put the fan on, make the toast and then splatter jam all over the kitchen spreading it. i have to agree with himself, they are a very messy pair. as if this wasn't bad enough herself then hacks the wholemeal crust up and puts that in the toaster, but forgets to put the fan back on. so himself and i get back from our peaceful walk on the downs to the sound of the smoke alarm shrieking the place down, my boy with his hands over his ears and herself waving a tea towel ineffectually around near the ceiling. well i had to bark a bit with all the commotion. unfortunately the barking didn't result in anyone leaving any food unattended so no toast for me.

this is all before they went off to work and school. so it was no surprise to me that they came home rather grouchy. herself had been called upon to assist with a crash caused by a runaway car belonging to one of her colleagues. you would not believe it but her idea of calming the situation was to shout at the poor bloke whose car was rolled into something along the lines of "stand back, i'm a solicitor!" to which the only possible answer has to be "so what?"

the boy had a very odd story to tell about a helicopter landing on his school playing field and then taking off again with the deputy head teacher. heaven knows what that's all about. he then had to spend all evening going on at length about helicopters before making herself go for a flight in his virtual helicopter over texas. himself had nothing interesting to report apart from tidying the ict cupboard. probably by far the safest place to be today - in a cupboard.

so i think an early night would not go amiss. lets hope tomorrow is less traumatic.


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