19 July 2005


today had a much better start. herself and my boy remembered to put the fan on so no smoke alarm today. as you'll see from the picture not an altogether successful toasting session but you can't ask for everything all at once. she really needs to go for lessons but i'm not sure where she'd find the time. she took delivery of a new lens for her camera today so she's been like a dog with a new bone. my boy not overly happy at having the papperazzi around the house. loud complaints about invading his personal space were heard. the youth of today! they're lucky to have personal space. when i was a puppy you were lucky to get a teat of your own and as for your own basket - in your dreams! bring back national service i say. mind you, i'm not sure they'd have him with his argumentative mind. wouldn't follow orders i suspect. he's a nice nipper on the whole though and kind to his dog which is all you can ask for.


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