21 July 2005

follow that car...

much calmer breakfast this morning. yesterday herself had the presence of mind to go out and purchase weetabix. for those listeners in countries which don't sell weetabix, this is breakfast cereal made of stuff that looks like sawdust, formed into little bricks. my boy loves it! he loves it so much he has been known to get through 12 of these little blocks in one day. so no chance of the house going up in flames. himself is not wildly keen on weetabix due to the amount of sugar that finds its way onto the floor but a bit of sugar has to be better than your house burning down, as i often tell him.

herself showed one of her odder pictures to my boy this morning. she had been stuck in traffic and took loads of shots out of the car window ( i know, but it keeps her happy). this was one of a car going past and he immediately said "ah, that's a vauxhall". when you see this picture you will be as amazed at his vehicle recognition powers as i was. it probably is a vauxhall. this is the boy who went into the shoe shop in the village for the first time in a year and said he could see they had changed the tube in the fluorescent light. "however did you know?" said the lady "the old one melted about 6 months ago." mind you, this same boy will go into the bathroom to brush his teeth and forget why he went in. as i told you before, he has a very special brain.

i'm off for a walk with himself and herself in a minute. my boy has a sitter who comes once a week so they can go out for a couple of hours. i expect there'll be a whole lot of stopping to take photos of mud and stuff but still. at least they get some fresh air in their lungs.


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