15 August 2005

dr evil!

interesting day yesterday. went off with the folks to sunny eastbourne. yours truly wouldn't usually be invited but the peeps we were visiting have a lurcher so i was carted along. mind you funny sort of lurcher - called lupin of all things.

anyway, after a rather fraught journey involving an emergency pee-stop for my boy and a full-blown domestic between the "grown-ups" we finally got there.

well i have to admit that there was a bit of argy bargy as i met the be-flowered one but nothing too serious. just had to show him who was boss. somehow things degenerated into a bit of a scuffle and his ear got caught in my teeth. didn't mean to cause quite so much blood but thats lurchers for you.

anyway, as if that wasn't bad enough the wussy creature ran off and in running after him i somehow knocked one of the guests flat on his back with a thud. wine everywhere!

after lunch we went for a walk round the posher part of eastbourne. must have cut a funny old sight really. two lurchers, one on a bit of rope and bleeding profusely through a blood-soaked bandage, our hostess with blood up to her elbows, my boy pretending to be a plane with the young lady of the house, the next door neighbour and his dog (a rather incontinent chap - the dog that is) and our host as well as my peeps. several stops to re-tie the bandage which by then was more blood than bandage. eventually made it back to the house for a nice cuppa which was a bit of a relief.

don't think i'll be invited back there.

oh the photo - in the middle of all the carnage my boy sloped off and came back dressed as dr evil whoever he is. he had invented a chat show called "make me evil". i ask you...


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