05 August 2005


went off for a walk a couple of days ago with himself and herself. they have a sitter who comes and, well, sits, on my boy once a week. he never looks too flat afterwards so i think she must be very careful.

they generally take me up for a walk on the downs and have a pint at a pub afterwards. so we walked up to a large lump of iron which i am reliably informed is a churchill tank. herself was busy climbing all over it taking photos when a couple of cyclists came past and told them all about the history of it and how it had been used for target practice (which would explain the bullet holes).

then when they had gone an old fella came along and told them the history of it all over again but with more added. how the territorial army had tried to bury it in a field (how mad is that?) but it still caught the ploughs, so they moved it back to where it now is and then they were going to move it to a museum but ran out of money and so it stays where it is. then he got onto politics at which point herself began edging away into the hedge. then he switched to the problems caused by squirrels and how they are a menace to gardeners and to the civilised world generally.

anyway then we walked back to the car but ran into another old fella who started to ask whether, if i wasn't wearing my muzzle, would i catch squirrels! when told i did, he said "we've got a nut tree but we haven't had a bloody nut in 10 years because of the bloody squirrels!"

well i have to say i'm partial to a squirrel, especially in a cheese sauce. can't see what the little critters did to deserve such hatred!


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