01 January 2006

new bed

well what do you know! the peeps are always on about how dogs don't realise its christmas so there is no point in getting me a present. which i don't really mind - there's not much i want for. so we get back from our hols and a large parcel arrives which herself immediately (and i mean immediately - she's still in her jamas) opens. looks like a camp-bed. and once it is assembled it is indeed a camp-bed, for yours truly!

himself is a bit cynical and says i will never sleep in a hammock so i felt i had to prove him wrong. and there was the small matter of some crackers to bribe me to try it out...

as you can see its surprisingly comfortable. no drafts and plenty of room for an old codger to stretch his legs. and i gather i will be allowed to take it camping which will be extremely cool.


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