19 September 2006

good health

regular readers (of whom i am sure there are many, although none that leave any trace) will have noticed that i mentioned that herself has been off work with stress. herself being a rather tough old duck who has coped with more than most people during her life, has been finally laid low by worrying about himself.

it seems that himself has had trouble with his kidneys for quite a few years. before i joined the family. its not something they thought to mention or i could have suggested a nice recipe for steak and kidney pud.

anyway, it seems that the old kidneys have finally given up the ghost and are now reaching the end of their natural. himself will have to deal with hoovering his blood by some weird and wonderful process called dialysis. they don't know when but as it will involve him having a tube fixed in his belly (the details of which i really don't want to know) they have decided i can no longer jump up when i get excited in case it gets pulled out. not that i get excited that often but i don't fancy the idea of being covered in gunk anyway so its fine by me and there's no time like the present for getting into good habits.

just hoping they can sort the poor old fella out soon as he is so tired he has to go to bed for a kip as soon as he gets home from work which means herself has to take me for walks. and she's just not much fun at the moment...


Blogger Mommy said...

oh, :(

hoping things get better for himself and herself

12:49 am  
Blogger Joker The Lurcher said...

thank you for your kind wishes, mommy, i will pass them on the the folks

8:09 am  

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