19 September 2006

helping bernie with her sewing

well listeners, here i am again. not been in touch for a while what with one thing and another. herself has been off work with stress for the last couple of weeks and popped over to see bap bap, her stepmum. here you can see me helping aunty bernie with sewing a wing on bap bap's floor.

when this project was first discussed it appeared that auntie bernie (who is a theatre person) was planning on flying round the stage but it now turns out its a wing to get changed behind which makes much more sense. had visions of all the actors getting bashed in the face.

the wing is needed because auntie bernie performs plays all over the place including village halls and places without anywhere to get changed. big jim, who is auntie bernie's other half, has to transform himself from big jim to a troll and back and of course he doesn't want the audience to see him doing this otherwise they will realise that the troll is not a real troll but is in fact big jim.

the wing has to be very high as big jim is quite, well, big. at least tall - much along the lines of yours truly - a sort of human lurcher. anyway, i thought i would show willing and give her a hand...


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