08 April 2006

very bright

wearing shades
Originally uploaded by Joker the Lurcher.
hey! its seems at last i have a public! someone has actually read our blog! herself has been nagging everyone for months to read it but finally someone has! and left some comments! so i suppose she will be making me write it more often now...but that's the price of fame.

today's picture is an old one of yours truly, my boy and bertha the bear. the bear is not really autistic but she puts the glasses on so my boy doesn't feel like he's the only one with sensitive eyes. she's a kind old bear really. been with him since he was a pup. she didn't get to go in his cot at first. he was so small she was bigger than him. took him a little while to get going but then he grew like a weed. very tall and skinny now. like yours truly...


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