25 March 2006

its not photoshop!

spring is here!
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bit of rain and out come the reptiles, or are they amphibians? they don't taste so good - all bitter and slimey. now give me a leg of lamb, or even a squirrel between a couple of bits of bread...

06 March 2006


waiting for dinner...
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himself has finally managed to persuade herself that if he puts a bit of meat in the oven it won't poison the non-meaters in the house. so he has taken to cooking delicious smelling lamb.

here is a picture of me keeping guard on it to make sure it isn't stolen by a passing cat...

03 March 2006

spring has sprung

at last the weather is beginning to cheer up. all winter been rushing out for a quick walk and back by the fire before the old paws freeze up. at the weekend we all went to our favourite forest for a sprint. sunshine was wonderful. made my whiskers glow!