09 November 2006

the gadget queen

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there has been another lull in the photography this week. somewhere herself saw an ad for a thing called a blackberry pearl. this seems to be a type of phone. herself had a perfectly good phone which came free last time she took out a mobile phone contract. the contract was about to run out so herself saw this as the ideal opportunity to tell the nice people who let her use their network that if she didn't get a new phone she would throw her toys out of the pram.

they appear to have told her to take a hike at first but herself is nothing if not determined and eventually, worn down by the forensic legal mind, they capitulated and said she could have a new toy.

herself already has a blackberry phone for work. this is rather a clunky peice of kit and i have to say i was surprised that she wanted one at home, given the old phone was quite a cutey. but the new blackberry is something else. it has a little lighting up thingy which you can roll (well at least if you don't have paws you can roll it - i didn't find it that easy). it seems with a blackberry you can get your e-mails wherever you are and even find out what you are supposed to be doing.

so if herself is in court and the judge wants to list a case, she can check to see if she is having a haircut that day or getting the car fixed. this has to be a good thing. she was driving around with no brake lights at all for a week recently because she couldn't get to the garage when it was open. the boot in her car is small enough without it getting stuffed in by someone driving too close to see her non-existant brake lights. i'd have to go on a diet.

anyway, the new blackberry is rather clever. but it works in an entirely different way to the old phone. this has necessitated hours of poring over the manual, surfing the net and even collaring the extreme programmer when he visited to get it working. every day she has regaled himself with tales of its feats. "i can make it dial a number now" "very nice dear". "i've downloaded a chicken ringtone" (the latter sounds like a chicken being strangled which i suppose it would do if it was sqaushed into such a small device). "i can get my e-mails at last" "that's nice dear. you can do that on your computer you know".

it would appear that herself has been distracting all her poor colleagues as well. nothing new in that but there seems to have been a surge in crime which co-incides with the new phone. i hope the home secretary doesn't get to hear of it.

the one thing it doesn't do is make a good crumble...


Blogger jen said...

i want a chicken ringtone..

does it do laundry?

5:19 am  
Blogger Joker The Lurcher said...

dear reader, at the moment, no-one is doing laundry in this house. herself has been too preoccupied with the blackberry and himself with football. my poor boy is looking even scruffier than usual!

8:25 am  
Anonymous acumamakiki said...

I would love a chicken ring tone but then I'd also love a blackberry which we've deemed in this house, the dickberry as my husband can't seem to keep it out of his hands!! (=

12:52 pm  
Blogger Mrs. Chicky said...

Blackberry! Gah! They are the work of the devil.

3:26 pm  
Blogger Lou McGill said...

I'm going to tell the home secretary - unless you can get me one...

11:22 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get thee behind me, Satan! I can not stand those bloody things!

Blah Blackberries! Blah!



Thailand Gal

11:48 pm  
Anonymous TeeTee said...

What a sad individual your owner is. A sensible dog would get himself on a train and visit a friend who would be interested in the sorts of things lurchers like: long walks, catching rabbits, swimming in mucky rivers and lazing around.

7:28 pm  

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