19 October 2006

crumble day!

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at last! crumble day is over! the peeps have been in a state of high anxiety all week in case they forgot to get the ingredients. the recipe for the crumble has been in the middle of the table, right in the way, to remind himself to buy the apples and stuff.

yesterday himself came home with apples and blackberries and various other mysterious ingredients. my boy saw his chance to score a blackberry or two. "i think i should just make apple crumble" he said. himself did not find this amusing. my boy was persuaded that the best way of getting out of the kitchen in one piece was to drop this idea sharpish. the blackberries have been under an armed guard all night.

this morning herself as usual went in to wake my boy. my boy started up with the usual "i don't feel all that great today..." herself said that if he thought he was going to have the day off on crumble day he had another think coming. i think the words "carried in on a stretcher" may even have been used.

anyway, himelf laboriously weighed out all the stuff and put it into bags and pots while herself wrote my boy's name on the bottom of a dish. the peeps were mighty proud to be so organised. all the stuff was packed carefully into a bag. then herself remembered that she needed evidence of the whole business for my blog. so out came all the ingredients and the blackberries were asked to smile for a photo.

the day passed slowly. tensions were running high. would my boy pull it off or would the crumble catch fire? or worse, would he come home with an apple crumble having eaten the blackberries on the way to school in the taxi? or would he come home with someone else's crumble again?

4pm came and shortly after my boy arrived home beaming. he had won 5th place in the crumble competition. and lo, there were blackberries in it too! the peeps fell upon it like wolves and soon there was no evidence of the result of all the stress and strain except a pinkish dish. just as well herself had the foresight to take a picture of the blackberries this morning or my public would have thought i was making all this up...


Blogger jen said...

does crumble ship? perhaps with dry ice...

8:58 pm  
Blogger Lou McGill said...

this was the most intense story on your blog so far joker...

my goodness how do you keep up with such strange folk

all I can say is...

if you ever need help in organising them (good luck)

is there any crumble left?...

did ashley get to share in the proof of the pudding? ( I am very worried about his child who failed to take home his goodies last time) -do his family know just how talented he is?

Is owen becoming a superbaking superhero - the public need to know?

Did you actuallly get to taste anything...? Rather concerned at the lack of substantial evidence... we could all say we cooked a crumble on Thursday and show the blackberries before the event.

Perhaps evidence of the strange fanily eating blackberry crumble could convince us...

otherwise it's just circumstancial and very hard to prove.

Joker, I would suggest that you get yourself a very very good lawyer...

a well wisher (with very good experience of the nick and all that stuff)


11:21 pm  

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