18 October 2006

happy days

Originally uploaded by Joker the Lurcher.
herself came back in a cheerful mood today. she has managed to spend nearly all day taking pictures in work time and even for work purposes. this makes a change. she often stops on the way back from court to take the odd picture of an oil drum or a rusty pipe (don't ask me - i'm only a lurcher) but to spend enough time taking pictures that her camera battery goes flat, well, that's a great day as far as she is concerned.

it seems this morning's pictures were of grass. not just grass on its own. these pictures also have ruts in them. these are caused by people riding motorbikes all over the grass when they shouldn't. this causes problems for people trying to play football as they fall down the ruts. no doubt some of them break their ankles doing this although herself wasn't that specific.

the motorbikes also appear to have narrowly missed people walking their dogs. no mention of the dogs being narrowly missed, which is just typical. i know from my own experience that when you are concentrating on a particularly nice smell of old chip wrappers, or even, god forbid, lady dogs, the last thing you would notice would be a motorbike in your ear.

anyway, as well as the grass pictures, there are some of handcuffs. not altogether sure what sort of office herself works in. seems to me a quiet word in someone's ear ought to be enough to stop them eating too many biscuits. handcuffs seem a bit extreme. however my boy was mightily impressed. "cool!" as he said. not sure how cool it would be to have ones paws in them but hopefully now i have the muzzle and am prevented from committing felonies against deer i will not find out.

anyway later on she seems to have somehow managed to lock a policeman in a cell. and then take pictures of him. admittedly this is for a good cause as they are making a leaflet to explain autism and beefburger syndrome to police officers but even so. couldn't they just send them an e-mail or something?


Blogger jen said...

i was confused for a minute on exactly what kind of film was in development..

did the handcuffs make it home, or just the imagery?

seriously, you should post more of those, regardless. gorgeously interesting shot.

6:54 pm  
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