12 October 2006

the music business

no different
Originally uploaded by Joker the Lurcher.
herself has finally gone off the rails this time!

her latest money-making plan to raise money for the autistic folks and their families involves producing cds to sell. but not just producing the cds. there is also the small matter of the cd cover. and a poster. and a web page on the website that she looks after. no doubt there will be t-shirts.

oops. i really shouldn't have said that. she'll be making me wear one.
still, its a lovely song.

by the way, you may have noticed she is getting really into putting links into my blog. it is because she has finally discovered how to do the code. bless....


Blogger jen said...

nice. i'm in. terrific cause.

12:02 am  
Blogger Lou McGill said...

well she is such a talented herself joker...

perhaps a bit of extra support is warrented or at least appreciation...

11:36 pm  
Blogger Franco said...

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10:59 pm  

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