06 October 2006


ashley's apple crumble
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my boy had cookery at school yesterday. its not called cookery though - its called design and technology. not sure how much design goes into my boy's cooking but there you are...

i do vaguely recall some shenanigans about ingredients the other morning. my boy goes to school in a taxi now. this is since himself got so poorly. the taxi arrives at 8am. at about 7.45am, my boy says to herself "by the way, i need ingredients for apple crumble today". as regular readers will know, mornings in our house are not the most restful times. in order to get everyone out of the house on time without anyone ending up in tears things have to be run like a military operation. there is not a lot of time spare for popping down to the shop to buy cooking apples. so herself asks why my boy has left it until just before going to school to mention this. it also seems that there was nothing in his planner to say he needed these ingredients. the planner is a little blue book where things are written down to help my boy keep them in his sieve-like memory. somewhere in the middle of all this she says "i don't think they realise how much strain this puts on families".

anyway, my boy went off without his ingredients on the basis that he must have imagined the apple crumble thing. when he got home it transpired that the note about the ingredients had been put in the wrong date in the planner. in fact it was on 25 december. why my boy would be making apple crumble on christmas day i don't know. it seems the whole class had suffered the same mistake so no-one had ingredients.

this all got forgotten and the subject of apple crumble drifted out of everyone's consciousness. until yesterday when it transpired they were going to have another attempt. at about 7.45am my boy pipes up "we're making apple crumble today". whereupon there is a re-run of the "its not in your planner" conversation. needless to say no apples anywhere in the house.

but it appears yesterday was indeed the day for apple crumble. and my boy was the only kid with no ingredients. when the teacher asked him why he didn't have them, he said "my family is very busy and they forget things" to which the teacher said "these other people have busy families and they managed to remember their ingredients". rather than keep his head down and grovel, my boy then said "you don't realise the strain all this puts on families" and compounds things by telling the teacher this is what herself had said. so the teacher says "well if your mum thinks that she should write me a letter about it".

when my boy relates all this there are howls of dismay from himself and herself. and then they realise that my boy has brought home his mate ashley's apple crumble as well as his own. at least he hadn't wolfed it down as quickly as he ate his own one....


Blogger Mommy said...

I think I'm glad my kids go to school in the US....

5:17 am  
Blogger Joker The Lurcher said...

actually the school is brilliant - its the chaotic folks at home that are the problem!

8:14 am  
Blogger Jackie said...

oh dear sounds like lots of fun with our grandson in hte years to come!!!

10:14 am  
Blogger Lou McGill said...

hilarious - so rings true with our early morning routine...

7:43 am  

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