23 September 2006

a rival

my boy seems to have acquired a new pet. he has named it "bront". not sure if this is short for brontosaurus or what. it is a name he has used before for things, for example his toothbrush was at one time called bront. but that was a brontosaurus toothbrush now i come to think of it...

not sure if i'm too happy about the new neighbour. one gets used to being the sole member of the animal kingdom in the house. there are plenty of creatures in the garden - frogs, birds, slow worms, grass snakes, slugs and snails, all sorts of creepy crawlies. but not in the house.

herself resisted for a long time on the grounds that these fellas are creepy but my boy in the end won over through sheer persistence and logic. he seems to have sold her the idea on the basis that it will eat mosquitoes. as she gets eaten alive by the little beggars she finally relented. however, as this picture demonstrates, bront has other ideas. here it can be seen making swift work of a daddy long legs.

i'm keeping well out of its way...


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