30 September 2006


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herself is sad. she came back from work yesterday very down in the dumps. sacha, who has been getting her out of the chaos that surrounds her at work for the last three and a half years, has had enough and gone off to spend his time with locusts.

knowing how chaotic herself is i would say that locusts would definitely be more organised. she is bad enough at home but put her among a load of bits of paper and interrupt her a few times with phone calls and you would not believe how much confusion she can cause.

i know because i used to go to work with her until someone put a stop to it. not sure if it was when i put my nose up the skirt of the lady from the bbc who was interviewing herself about asbos or what but i now spend my days guarding the house.

anyway, from now on she will have no-one to share a morning cuppa with while describing the fun and games my boy has caused. she will also be stuck when she needs advice on how to rescue frogs from the jaws of snakes (sacha is a zoologist so in theory has this sort of knowledge at his fingertips). and she will have to work various devilish machines in the office which up to now have defeated her.

i always had a soft spot for sacha myself as he grew up with an irish wolfhound so was very partial to a lurcher. irish wolfhounds, for those who are not aware of the dog world, are like very large lurchers.

just as well merry and ray (otherwise known as the prof and mrs prof) are staying to keep her mind off being gloomy. merry has somehow been talked into unblocking our gutters. they have been blocked for a very long time so this job is one which only the very truest of friends would undertake. herself is terrified of heights so cannot go up the ladder to do it and himself has been too poorly for ages so every time it rains we have waterfalls all round the house, which in the recent monsoon season has been quite spectactular. anyway, merry has had to have a second shower as she was looking like the creature from the black lagoon but we now have empty gutters.

might even get her to take me for a walk at some point...


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