27 September 2006

for inspector gadget

do not silence us
Originally uploaded by Joker the Lurcher.
well, listeners, you may wonder why i have got my eyes covered up in this picture. its one taken by herself a while ago when some nasty folks tried to stop photographers putting their pictures on the net. this sent her into a bit of a strop. as usual i was asked to step up to the line and be her model for this little number. i don't even take photos myself. and i've had quite enough of dressing up to look like a leopard but she can be very persuasive. she has this nice stuff called "bit of cheese" which gets waved around whenever there is a modelling job in the offing. well, a chap has to eat...

anyway, herself is very keen on blogs. she likes to read what people are writing about life in their neck of the woods. one blog she follows is by a copper called inspector gadget . herself is descended from a copper or two and works alongside a bunch of them so she has always been very interested to see what the good inspector has to say.

however, it seems that where inspector gadget works they are all too aware of the power of the internet. they seem to have the heebie jeebies about him having a blog. he seems to be getting grief from a dog with ginger eyebrows who is hounding him (pardon the pun but you get my drift). i used to share the house with a dog with ginger eyebrows called maisie the airedale and she was damned scary, i can tell you. however she got her come uppance in the end and was exiled to clacton on sea, leaving yours truly in charge of things here.

so anyway, i disgress. i do far too much digressing i know but that's lurchers for you.

the point of her putting this photo on my blog is to make a point. i'll leave you to work out what the point is. suffice to say its nothing to do with either leopards or lurchers...


Blogger Lou McGill said...

joker - you are so lucky to have such a stroppy herself.

7:49 am  

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