28 September 2006

a new friend in the world of blogging

Alfie at 8 weeks
Originally uploaded by Goose.goose.
seems i'm not the only member of the canine fraternity to have his own blog. herself came home yesterday full of news about a young chap called alfie with the same literary ambitions as my good self. he appears to have the same problem operating the keyboard with his paws as i do so he relies on his dad to do the typing (as in his human dad - obviously his canine dad would have the same limitations in the paw department).

my boy and i had a look last night and he seems to be rather an entertaining little chap. my boy even went so far as to say that this was the sweetest puppy he had ever seen. now that's going a bit far, in my opinion. i was quite a cutie myself. i suppose my boy didn't meet me until middle age spread was well and truly setting in so he wasn't to know, when all's said and done.

anyway, alfie gets up to all the usual things that you would expect from a youngster. gives an old dog quite a lump in the throat to remember what fun it all was...


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