03 October 2006

autumn too

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another sign of autumn is the chimney sweep's visit. this year we have been eagerly awaiting him as we had a nest of jackdaws in the chimney this summer and obviously needed to make sure the chimney wasn't still full of sticks before lighting the wood-burning stove. they were quite a noisy bunch but rather entertaining. it turns out they were in the other pot anyway so they could have stayed for the winter but i think they had other dogs to visit.

i love it when the chimney sweep comes. he spreads out a big plastic mat and then pulls wonderful things out of a bag. my favourite of these things is a long pole with a brush on the end. it smells just fabulous and he lets me sniff it for as long as i like. as he sits on the floor to get a good angle with the brush i get to lick his ears and give him the once over. luckily he has a dog himself so he understands if i get a bit fruity. its just that he smells so sooty...

talking of interesting smells, herself came home yesterday and dived straight into a hot bath. seems she had been re-arranging the office and got very hot in the attempt. herself works in an office with quite a few other people. it is a different one to the one where i used to go to work with her. the new office is by all accounts very hot and stuffy and part of the re-arranging idea was to be able to open the window without climbing across the desk and risking diving out head first. herself is not the most sylph-like person so the sight of her clambering across a desk must give her colleagues a chortle. anyway it seems she can now get fresh air much more safely.

keeping herself cool is important as the meds she is on to stop her crying all the time make her quite hot and bothered. she says she will burst into flames when she hits the menopause. not sure what the menopause is. hope it doesn't mean she can't have anything to do with men any more. not only is himself a man, but my boy is fast turning into one and there is of course yours truly as well. i wonder if we will have to decamp to the garden shed...


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