04 October 2006


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herself seems a bit low today. nothing major but she was a bit flat compared to her normal self. she's been working at home which she does a couple of times a week if she can. she says she gets more done than in the office. if today's output is anything to go by she must do hardly anything in the office. she's been faffing about shuffling bits of paper and moving files around without any appreciable effect.

at least she has managed to re-constitute her electronic diary. somehow, as part of the 'getting organised' plan, she managed to delete all her appointments, including court hearings. this could be pretty catastrophic. judges don't take it too kindly if the lawyer doesn't turn up. luckily some of her colleagues have the same appointments so she thinks she has found everything. its all a bit scary though. she had her first court hearing in a little while yesterday and got in a right old stew.

my boy has managed to lose his p.e. kit. p.e. is something they do at school which involves a lot of running around. not sure why my boy should have to put on special clothes to run around. at home he runs around quite happily in ordinary clothes. it transpires that he has taken his p.e. kit out of the rather fine brightly coloured bag that herself made for him, which has his name on in large letters so you couldn't miss it, and has put it into a nondescript dark blue bag which doesn't have his name on and so has got lost.

when cross-examined about this tomfoolery he said it was because he wanted his bag to "blend in". well, it has obviously blended in so well it has totally vanished.

herself explained to my boy that we are not a blending in sort of family. not sure how he has avoided noticing this. there is not a single member of this household, yours truly included, who could even slightly be said to blend in. himself has a woolly beard and varies between looking like a pirate and a biblical character depending on how recently it has been cut. herself is, well, herself. and yours truly has rather distinctive mis-matched eyes and a fine set of whiskers.

as for my boy, suffice to say that you are not going to be inconspicuous if you go round at high speed making funny noises. these noises have ranged over the years from electrical items such as power tools and tumble dryers, through lorries, to the current favourite of machine guns, none of which is very conducive to blending in.

anyway, my boy saw the error of his ways and has decided to put his p.e. kit back in its correct bag. he just has to find it first...


Blogger Lou McGill said...

blending in is highly over-rated

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