09 October 2006

old friends

had a nice weekend with the peeps. some old friends came to stay. they are called john and sarah and they don't have a house. they live in a van. a very posh van admittedly but still a van. the plan is they will travel round europe and eventually find a place to live.

herself is trying to persuade them that the place to live should be near an airport that easyjet fly to. easyjet have nice orange planes that my boy likes. i cannot think why herself has this plan about where john and sarah should live. can't be anything to do with the peeps wanting to fly over to stay with them somewhere warm, i suppose?

yours truly won't be able to go as easyjet seem extremely prejudiced against lurchers so i always end up having to go to the girlies in the kennels whenever the peeps go to warmer climes. ho hum.

anyway, as well as vast amounts of wine being drunk and food being guzzled we managed a little walk or two. here is my boy doing his famous one-legged balancing thing on a tree trunk on one of the walks. he does this all over the place so herself can photograph him. i don't see what the fuss is about. i am forever balancing on one leg while watering various plants and no-one takes picture of me. humph!


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