10 October 2006

an end to dust

frogz in the bedroom
Originally uploaded by Joker the Lurcher.
it appears that herself has managed to purchase a new hoover. this can only be good news for those of us who live near the floor. i know a lot of what blows around the floor emanates from my furry coat but a chap can't help being furry. the peeps leave clothes all over the floor so why shouldn't a hound leave a bit of fur - but it does get in the old eyes on a windy day.the hoover purchasing trip came about because of a car crash this morning which meant herself had to divert past sainsbury's on the way to work. sainsbury's are supposed to sell groceries but seem also to sell hoovers these days.

here is a picture of the old hoover in its place under the bed. you may notice one of the green chappies from the garden is perched upon the pipe. in the summer we have many visitors of all shapes and sizes, quite a few of whom come into the house. there are some particularly amazing critturs called maybugs who have huge eyebrows. this little green chap had to be chased round the bedroom by herself and my boy before finally being cornered and gently replaced by the pond. himself, needless to say, snored through the whole adventure.

i would have offered to help but the green chappies are really not at all tasty...


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