16 October 2006

uh oh

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now, dear readers, don't think i chose this picture. oh no. herself is responsible for this. i would not give one of these chappies house room. this is a cat called kitty. kitty shares a house with some good friends of the peeps called clive and liz who the peeps went to lunch with yesterday. yours truly was not invited. i assume this is because i might think kitty was on the menu. clive and liz also have a dog called foxy, who i am led to believe looks like a fox although i have yet to be introduced. foxy came from somewhere far away and has one leg shorter than the rest. if she were a boy dog this would be handy for watering plants but such an adaptation is wasted on her.

as well as the aforementioned creatures clive and liz also have two boys. my boy loves playing with them. even when he was much younger and had to be very closely supervised to prevent violent outbursts he was always quite happy playing with the older one. the younger one had not appeared at that stage.

this weekend has been quite a sociable one all round. my peeps have made friends with some people who live round the corner. they have a son and a daughter and my boy had a whale of a time playing with them. the daughter was particularly struck with my boys furry burping pineapple. this is really a dog toy but am i allowed near it? no way.

friday was a less successful day. himself managed to get yet another parking ticket. this time it was when he was on a first aid course. he somehow failed to notice that it was a resident parking bay. so herself has had to write another groveling "sorry but he has renal failure which makes him unable to understand parking regulations" letter to the parking folks. luckily she still has the previous one on the computer so it just need a bit of tweaking. and even more fortuitously this is a different town so they won't have a file on himself.

then himself got stuck in traffic so wasn't home in time for my boy getting back in his taxi from school. herself couldn't get hold of himself on the phone so got into a right old panic.

my boy's taxi driver is a lovely man and had found a nice hedge to park by where my boy could lean out of the car window and pick blackberries while they waited for the peeps. herself scooped up my boy and they arrived home very stressy and berating himself even before he had proudly produced his parking ticket.

it turns out the date was responsible for all this. it was friday 13th. which apparently is a bad date for parking tickets and general chaos. not sure how they explain the chaos the rest of the year...


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