14 October 2006

a hive of activity

this is a photo from a little while ago. herself has slowed up dramatically on her prolific adhd photography so i am having to resort to using pictures from the past. where is the artistic integrity in that? the whole point of a blog is up to the minute, cutting edge reporting. or so i hear...

adhd, for those listeners who don't have a dictionary handy, stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. my boy has it, as well as the beefburger syndrome or whatever its called. it makes you wild, fast and impulsive. and three guesses where my boy got it from? yes, herself. she is totally off the scale. as a pup by all accounts she was worse, which doesn't even bear thinking about. regular visitors to my ramblings will know that she has the attention span of a gnat. she gives multi-tasking a whole new meaning. even her yoga is fast. its called ashtanga and involves doing the whole "downward dog, upward dog" thing at high speed. i have a hell of a job keeping up.

anyway, the slowing down in the photography has not meant a spell of sitting with her feet up. oh no. she has become a record producer. it seems that the cd i mentioned in my last missive is not going to be made in a factory somewhere. herself is planning to burn copies on mac. mac is a rather interesting chap who sits on top of her writing bureau. he plays tunes, makes funny noises and has pictures of everything you can imagine inside which he flashes across his screen. and if herself presses a button on the magic keyboard (which does not seem to be connected in any way to mac) the funny creature sticks out his tongue. this allows herself to place a cd on his tongue which he then swallows. how mad is that? he doesn't seem to like bones or steak or anything, just cds. and the occasional dvd when he's really hungry.

it would appear that mac can record music onto the cd and then regurgitate it. this allows the cd to be played by other folks. the cds don't seem too gunky either. so herself is planning to make copies of the cd to sell.

and that's not all. she is also planning to become a film magnate. herself and a friend of hers who has a wild child are going to make a film about what its like to have autism. they are going to interview wild children and parents of same and put it all together onto a dvd. my boy is going to be the cameraman and the wild girl is going to do the interviewing. my boy will edit the film on the ever resourceful mac with a bit of help from herself.

but will it make us rich? am i going to be able to retire and put my paws up? not on your nelly. she is going to give all the money from all this industry to the autistic folks. so i am still going to have to slave away working my paws to the bone to earn a crust. so keep visiting, dear readers. i only do it for my public...


Blogger dogfaceboy said...

Hey, maybe I can design herself's CD package or write some liner notes or something. You have a lot going on. But that photo of your boy is awesome. You rock.

1:16 am  
Blogger Joker The Lurcher said...

dear dogfaceboy - you are so kind.

i have to say your face in the picture does not look like either a dog or a boy but more like a rather friendly lady but maybe the dogs and boys over the pond are different?

you sound like someone with skills herself could learn from. i will ask her to e-mail you. thank you for reading my ramblings.


7:43 am  
Blogger jen said...

what a terrific photo. i wish i had an iota of artistic skills to offer - but what i've been over at gorgous non dogfaced's place tells me she's probably the right woman. and you, well, thank you for your earlier comment, truly. and am glad i found your spot, as i now have a new place to visit.

3:38 pm  
Blogger Lou McGill said...

I offer any skills I have.. mostly just being really witty after a bottle of wine...

and sort of writing...

and caring on a massive scale!!!

looks like you are on a roll though...

11:44 pm  

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