17 October 2006


the proud architect
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one of the wonderful things about beefburger syndrome is that you do not give up. if you decide you are going to do something you will stick at it until you achieve it. this is a great thing. many of the world's most gifted people had beefburger syndrome. it meant that they did not say "oh to hell with this symphony, i'm off to play golf!"

however, for those who live around a beefburger person it can get a bit trying. take the house of cards idea. my boy decided he was going to build a house of cards. the idea came over him at breakfast time. i do not need to go over the morning thing for those folks who have been visiting a while. for those who haven't just look here and here. and maybe here. and indeed here.

halfway through the toast and marmite (or marmike as its known in our house) my boy starts trying to build the house of cards. herself, with more than her usual patience, suggested that this was maybe not the best time and that le corbusier probably finished his croissants first before starting on a ground-breaking architectural scheme. my boy was successfully peeled off the cards and apart from a couple more sneaky attempts, propelled out of the door at the correct time for his taxi.

but when he got home the building bug got him again and after many attempts he managed this rather fine maisonnette. i didn't think it complied with building regs so i did my best with a couple of well aimed wags of my tail to demolish it before any people moved in but he got me in an armlock and defeated me. if anyone else ruffled my hair like that i'd have something to say but i have a soft spot for my boy so i didn't hold it against him.

anyway here is the masterpeice. shortly afterwards it went the way of all modern architecture which was a blessed relief. but now he's working on a tower block.

he may be a genius in the building and design stakes but he sure is an absent-minded boffin in other bits of his life. in the mornings herself goes into his room to wake him up. while he is opening his eyes she has to hang around or he will be off like a light again so she busies herself picking stuff up off the floor. when my boy goes to bed he seems to dissolve out of his clothes, leaving them on the floor looking like the owner has evapourated and been abducted by aliens. so herself has to pull them all apart to put the clean ones back on the shelf and the grubby ones in the wash. my boy wears a pair of trousers, a polo shirt and a sweatshirt for school. however yesterday's clothes were different. somehow my boy had put one polo shirt on, forgotten he had done so and put another one over the top. he had then topped the whole ensemble off with the sweatshirt so by the time he had come into the kitchen for breakfast no-one could see the over-shirtedness.

it was not until herself disentangled it all this morning that it becamse clear that this was yet another devilish plan to keep the peeps chained to the washing machine by wearing all his clothes at once. maybe mozart's mother had the same problem with his doublets and hoses...


Blogger Her Bad Mother said...

Absent-mindedness goes hand-in-hand with genius. At least, that's what I tell myself.

It's much clearer with a junior Gehry - how's he supposed to stay on top of the petty details of a boy's everyday life when his head is full of revolutionary architectural ideas?

3:30 pm  
Blogger jen said...

i second bad. it's the genius that astounds me/you/us....at what a lucky boy to have a father who gets that so keenly.

10:28 pm  
Blogger Joker The Lurcher said...

jen: i'm his mum - i just hide behind joker's identity on the web so it sounds like i'm a bloke. thanks for visiting and for your nice comments!

5:53 am  

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