21 October 2005

talking of embarrassing garments...

regular listeners may recall me mentioning that i have to wear a little coat when we go camping. well, for some reason i let herself dress me up in this rather snazzy waistcoat last night. seemed like a good idea at the time.

it all started because she was going riding this morning. first time in ages what with her snapped achilles tendon. so the whole house (and boy i mean the whole house) was turned totally upside down while she searched for the funny riding trousers, chaps (as though she didn't have enough chaps already) and hat. among the stuff she finds a little leopard suit that my boy used to wear when he was a pup. and this waistcoat which he wore as a slightly older pup.

so in true ADHD style she gets distracted and starts dressing up anything that didn't run fast enough. bertha the bear didn't seem to mind and i have to say it was a bit of a laugh at the time. but to find she put the pictures on the internet...

19 October 2005


robinia leaves
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gorgeous autumn day today. nice run in the rain this morning with himself and this evening the sitting lady will come so the "grown-ups" can take me for a walk by the river.

sounds like this will be the last of their dates that i get to go on till the spring as the clocks are going back next week.

ah well. i'll just have to play computer games with my boy and his sitter...


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amazing what the old gal manages with her camera and the computer - magic drops!

18 October 2005

having to be cuddled

grabbing a quick cuddle
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up on the downs at the weekend with lupin the wuss and his peeps. my boy is great mates with their youngest, a rather wild little lady called 'thea', or as my boy would have it 'fear'.

nice to see my boy was not too cool to give his old dog a cuddle. i don't mind really. got to humour the youngsters...

12 October 2005

hot dog

well, no wonder i've been feeling a bit out of sorts! herself has had a look at the ingredients of the rather tasty new grub i've been having. full of rough old chemicals apparantly! no wonder i've been a bit agitated and panting all over the place. seems they are putting e-numbers by the bucketload into it. have to say although it tastes good it has made me a bit dizzy. nothing to do with running in circles the whole time of course...